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Number calling system

Smart Number Calling System

Enhance your service speed using HUBBO POS intelligent queue management system.

Giant TV shows Hubbo POS kitchen display system for improved service speed and queue management.

All Your Restaurant Operations at a Glance

Restaurant owner serving a customer in an orange t-shirt, facilitated by Hubbo POS.

At a single glance, you'll have the status of your deliveries, self-pickup, and dine-in orders neatly organised by platform to improve your restaurant productivity.

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Improve workflow efficiency and overall productivity

Man packing Avocado Tomato Salad among 7 Hubbo POS differentiated orders, showcasing order efficiency.

Automated Item Grouping

Reduce preparation times with efficient item grouping and automated order syncing.


Differentiate orders by platform

Our unique ticket display system automatically separates orders from delivery platforms and dine-in, reducing overall wait times.

Step-by-step process
Restaurant receives orders
Order displayed in 'Preparing'
Food is ready
Order updated into ready to collect

All-in-One POS for your restaurant

Streamline your F&B operations and supercharge your business growth

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