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Win back customers with Cashback Loyalty

The smarter way to reward your customers and grow your business.

A happy customer receiving her order through Hubbo POS contactless ordering.

Reward Existing Customers to Drive Repeats

Couple gets a 25% discount on female's mobile, served by manager in yellow with Hubbo POS.

Boost your sales and customer loyalty with HUBBO POS's Cashback Loyalty feature. Automatically reward customers with cashback incentives to get customers back to your store.

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Grow Your Business with Cashback Rewards

Image of a 6-column Hubbo POS interface for enhancing customer management and retention.

Improve customer engagement

Our loyalty programme employs a proven method to entice customer participation without relying on staff upselling, setting HUBBO POS apart from other loyalty programmes.


Drive customer retention

Drive repeat purchases through automated cashback rewards for existing customers.

Restaurant owner serves a customer on a laptop, with a menu blackboard and Hubbo POS customer insights.

Powerful customer insights

Gain deeper insights into customer spending patterns to enhance your business strategy.


Win back customers

Re-engage and win back customers with SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

Step-by-step process
Customer makes payment
POS prints invoice with cashback QR
Customer scans QR to claim cashback
Customer revisits before cashback expiry

All-in-One POS for your restaurant

Streamline your F&B operations and supercharge your business growth

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