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Cloud POS

Unparalleled Reliability with Cloud

Harness the power of cloud computing for greater reliability in your store operations.

Hubbo POS dashboard report displayed on tablet, highlighting cloud-based POS system capabilities.

Ensure Business Continuity with HUBBO POS

Restaurant owner with white tablet uses HUBBO POS for reliable, efficient operational management.

HUBBO POS's cloud-based POS with offline mode reduces operational overhead and ensures unwavering reliability even on the busiest days.

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Maximise Store Efficiency and Operations with Cloud

Restaurant owner serves customers using HUBBO POS for uninterrupted service, efficiency, and real-time reporting.

Reliable Offline Mode

Experience uninterrupted service even during internet outages with automatic data syncing and backup


Boost Table Turnover

Boost restaurant efficiency with automated processes, error prevention, and faster table turnover.


Instant Realtime Reporting

Gain detailed business insights anytime, anywhere with HUBBO POS powerful business intelligence tools.

Customer in orange shirt makes mobile payment using Hubbo POS with eWallets

Live Support Chat & Comprehensive Help Center

Instantly connect with experts for business support and empower your business with valuable resources through our user-friendly help center.


Seamless Payment Integration

Enhance your customers' checkout experience with effortless payments supported by major E-wallet and credit cards.


Customer-Friendly Display

Enhance the overall payment experience by allowing customers to preview bill details during payment.


All-in-One POS for your restaurant

Streamline your F&B operations and supercharge your business growth

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